The earlier a cancer diagnosis can be made, the better. The majority of cancers demonstrate a response to chemotherapy, radiation therapy and/or surgery. Any delay in the diagnosis of cancer can rob a patient of treatment options and increase the potential for metastasis (spread) of cancer while shortening the lifespan of the patient. Few firms surpass the ability of WMK lawyers to effectively challenge the “doubling time” legal doctrine often used to defend physicians against liability in medical malpractice cases involving a delay in diagnosing cancer. We are well qualified to handle the complexities involving expert witnesses, discovery and other trial preparation and have the in-depth understanding of medical terminology to make a convincing malpractice case for our clients.


$7 Million Cancer Death Settlement

A 31-year-old woman had a routine Pap smear in July 1992, which was read as normal. When a subsequent testing in 1995 showed she had…

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$7.9 Million Jury Verdict in Cancer Misdiagnosis

An 8-year-old Glenview boy was rendered blind due to the negligence of his pediatrician. Although the pediatrician examined the retina of both eyes seven separate…

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$5.25 Million for Cancer Misdiagnosis on Mother of Three

A mother of three children under age 7 made four doctor visits complaining of vaginal bleeding, but the physicians failed to timely diagnose cervical cancer….

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$3.5 Million Cancer Misdiagnosis Settlement

Lab technicians failed to detect a woman’s cervical cancer after they read two annual Pap smears as normal. The cancer spread to her ovaries and…

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$3.1 Million Settlement for Death from Misdiagnosis

In September, 1994, a 37-year-old woman went to her physician for a routine mammogram. The test was suspicious, and her doctor recommened a biopsy. Afterwards,…

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$3 Million Settlement in Cancer Misdiagnosis Death

Doctors misread a young boy’s CT scans, which were indicative of a tumor. When the boy underwent a biopsy, he developed a bleed from the…

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$3.4 Million for Surgical Error and Subsequent Flesh-eating Bacteria Infection

Our client was diagnosed with gallbladder disease and went for surgery at Norwegian American Hospital for gallbladder removal. After complications from the surgery, the patient…

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$1.85 Million Settlement for Cancer Misdiagnosis

A 43-year-old wife and mother of three minor children saw Dr. Samir Kumar at Nephrology Associates because she had been diagnosed with elevated protein levels…

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