Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy, one of the most serious birth injuries that an infant can sustain during labor and delivery, can be caused by lack of oxygen to the brain, premature delivery, infection, and head trauma – any of which could reflect negligent medical treatment that falls short of the required standard of care. When cerebral palsy interferes with normal brain development – which can take months or even years after birth to be detected – the medical care necessary to help a cerebral palsy victim function and survive in society can cost millions of dollars. When cerebral palsy results from the negligence of a doctor, nurse or hospital, WMK lawyers have the medical malpractice litigation skills to seek and secure the appropriate financial compensation necessary to care for the injured child.


$32 Million Jury Verdict for Cerebral Palsy from Birth Injury

A 7-year-old boy suffers from cerebral palsy, critical blindness, and is fed through a tube following a hospital staff’s failure to recognize numerous signs of…

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$35 Million Settlement for Brain Injury at Birth

We represented the mother of a 5-year-old boy who suffered a severe brain injury during birth. The child’s injuries were sustained as doctors performed an…

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$20.25 Million Jury Verdict for Fetal Distress Injuries

A newborn suffered brain damage and severe cerebral palsy after hospital staff failed to recognize hours of fetal distress.

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$16.6 Million Birth Injury Jury Verdict

A girl suffers from cerebral palsy, learning disabilities and seizures after her Cesarean Section birth was inappropriately delayed, causing her to suffer brain damage.

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