Shoulder Dystocia

Shoulder dystocia, which occurs when an infant’s shoulder catches on the mother’s hip during child birth, is a medical emergency that happens with little warning. If there is a delay implementing procedures to help prevent injury to the mother and infant, severe injury can result. Obstetricians are taught to look for specific signs alerting them to shoulder dystocia, and when they are present the goal should be delivery of the infant as quickly as possible.  Failure to recognize these signs or to take prompt and appropriate action violates the necessary standard of care.  Our lawyers represent when shoulder dystocia is the result of medical negligence, pursuing just compensation for the injuries suffered and the long-term medical needs that can result.


$3.27 Million Jury Award for Traumatic Birth Injury

We represented a mother whose newborn suffered a severe stretch injury to the right side brachial plexus nerves (which resulted in permanent strength and range…

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