Bed sores

Bed sores (also known as pressure sores and decubitus ulcers) often indicate negligent nursing home care.  The most frequent cause is prolonged pressure on an area of the body in persons who are bed-ridden, confined to a wheelchair by paralysis or unable to move themselves, and who do not receive regular attention from nursing home staff to change their position, but sores can also be caused by poor nutrition or failure to maintain proper cleanliness standards – any of which can indicate staff neglect.  Bed sores can thus be debilitating or even fatal in the elderly, whether directly or as indicators of serious unattended health problems or negligent care. WMK lawyers are fully prepared to work with the families of nursing home residents who exhibit bed sores, gathering evidence and assessing medical records that can be used to document a failure in the standard of care and to support legal action that provides compensation for injury and that can rectify the negligent conditions in the care facility.