Too many nursing care facilities do not adequately monitor their elderly residents, leading to injuries that could have been prevented. Choking is one such injury, caused by difficulty in swallowing. When a resident is having such problems, staff too often ignore them and provide food without assessing whether the resident can eat or is having difficulty eating. It is often the case that residents who have had strokes or who suffer from dementia or other neurological conditions face complications in swallowing, and their medical condition should indicate to staff that close attention to what and how the resident eats is essential. When that attention (which includes providing food that is prepared for easier swallowing, or physically feeding the individual if necessary) is not provided and results in choking that leads to injury or fatality, WMK lawyers can assess what was and was not done by facility staff to mitigate the danger. If the appropriate care was not provided, meeting the same legal standards for providing medication, we will take legal action that seeks just compensation and that assures more diligent attention to care standards.