Dog Bite Injuries

Dog owners can be held liable if their dogs cause injury, whether or not the owner had reason to think the dog was dangerous. Illinois ranks among the top states in dog bite injury claims, and these often can average in the tens of thousands of dollars. Laws in Illinois and other states cover the full range of dog-inflicted injuries and may impose liability without needing to prove the owner at fault. For example, some cities, including in Illinois, deem certain dog breeds as dangerous and classify injuries caused by these dogs as serious even if they do not require medical treatment. Yet in Illinois and other states the law also imposes on the injured person the burden of proving lack of provocation or trespassing – and attorneys for a dog owner’s insurer will do everything possible to emphasize that burden. Our lawyers know how to counter such tactics by demonstrating where liability lies, especially when a dog bite or attack has caused serious medical problems.  We effectively pursue appropriate compensation to cover medical expenses and emotional trauma for clients who have been victimized.