Traumatic Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can be caused by anything from a car accident to “slip and fall” incident, and they may be difficult to detect or diagnose. Terms like concussion and head trauma all refer to a blow to the head that causes disruption to the brain’s normal functioning, with severe injury often a possibility.  Any person who suspects they or a family member has suffered a brain injury after an accident should get proper medical treatment and advice immediately, even if there is no obvious injury to the head because symptoms of brain injury can take time to appear. Securing legal advice from WMK’s knowledgeable lawyers should be part of this process because we can effectively assess medical evaluations to establish the severity of the harm suffered. Our early advice can be crucial in helping families take legal action to secure compensation for medical care, lost wages and other negative consequences of brain injuries.


$1.7 Million Settlement for Psych Unit Fight Injury

A patient with a long history of mental illness struck a 57-year-old patient in the head several times during an argument and fight in the…

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$11 Million Brain Injury Verdict After Appeal, Retrial

A 64-year-old man — who suffered severe brain damage after a ladder he was using collapsed — won an $11 million federal verdict during a…

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$5.8 Million Settlement for Accident Injuries, Loss of Consortium

The driver of the defendant company’s truck was distracted, lost control, swerved into oncoming traffic, and struck our client’s ComEd van head-on. Our client sustained…

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$5.25 Million Settlement for Traumatic Injury in Motor Vehicle Accident

In the early morning, our client was proceeding through a Chicago intersection on the green light when his vehicle was broadsided by a car driven…

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$3.9 Million Settlement for Boy’s Brain Injury

An 8-year-old boy was hit by a car at an intersection controlled by a crossing guard who was employed by the Village of Arlington Heights….

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$1.4 Million Settlement Secured by Commitment to Going to Trial

Our client was driving from O’Hare Airport to Indiana to care for his ailing father and was stopped in traffic on southbound Interstate 294 when…

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