Wrongful Death

Fatal injuries can be suffered in an accident that involves a motor vehicle crash, a worksite mishap or a product failure. When the negligence of an individual or company causes a wrongful death, WMK lawyers can help the victim’s survivors file a lawsuit to secure compensation for the tragedy that occurred, easing their financial burden. We are experienced handling such actions against a workplace, business or individual if an untimely death is caused by a catastrophic event like civil or criminal negligence, a product failure or medical malpractice. Because of that experience, we understand the timeliness issues involved and work with our clients to begin your legal action as quickly as possible and preserve evidence vital to their case.


$475,000 Wrongful Death Settlement for Negligently Inserted Gastrostomy Tube

A 62-year-old male died from asphyxiation after a doctor negligently inserted a gastrostomy tube into his duodenum, rather than into his stomach. He had received…

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$325,000 Wrongful Death Settlement for Nursing Home Patient, 91, Dropped From Lift

A 91-year-old woman who had requested to be moved from her bed at a nursing home died from a cervical spine fracture after being dropped…

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$3.2 Million Record Jury Verdict for Mother of Four Killed by School Van

A 69-year-old mother of four was walking northbound on a residential street in Wilmette, Illinois, when she was struck from the rear and killed by…

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$900,000 Settlement in Fatal Construction Accident

Plaintiff died after falling down dark stairs at a construction site.

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$662,000 in Wrongful Death Settlement

The family of an 18-year-old boy received the insurance policy limit for his wrongful death.

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$250,000 Settlement in Accidental Shooting

A deer hunter was accidentally shot and killed by another hunter.  

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Settlement in Product Liability Wrongful Death

In a wrongful death case, plaintiff tractor operator fell off a Deere tractor and was mowed over by a rotary cutter.

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