Train/Railroad Accidents

Railroad and rail yard workers, pedestrians and rail transport passengers could at any time be subjected to personal injury or death due to rail carrier negligence and liability.Fatigue is often a cause of such accidents, one study by the National Sleep Foundation found that more than a quarter of train operators say sleepiness has affected their job performance, and nearly 20% say that they have had a “near miss” due to sleepiness. If such negligent conduct causes accidents, our lawyers have successfully represented the victims of railroad accidents and their families in all areas of railroad liability. That includes accidents due to improperly maintained or functioning crossing guards, collisions between trains or with motor vehicles, derailments and rail yard accidents involving rolling stock or maintenance work.


$5.2 Million Settlement in Fatal Railroad Yard Accident

We represented the family of a 58-year-old crane operator who was killed in an accident when the top part of a crane collapsed on his…

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$4.25 Million Train Accident Injury Settlement

A look-out man for the railroad lost his leg after his train crashed into the rear of an unlighted train that was stopped on the…

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$1 Million Settlement for Accident Caused by Truck

A woman injured her arm and suffered severe nerve damage after a truck driver attempted to change lanes into the lane where she was driving,…

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$1.9 Million Settlement for Fatal Railyard Accident

A man working for Northwestern Railroad was crushed and killed by a train car while he was attempting to ensure the cars were properly connected….

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$350,000 Jury Verdict for Railyard Injury

A 38-year-old coach cleaner was attempting to cross railroad tracks when she was struck by a train moving in reverse. She sustained permanent disability.  

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$1.6 Million Settlement for Train Derailment Fatality

A young man was killed when the train he was riding on from Chicago to Louisiana derailed. A barge had run into a bridge, damaging…

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